What do you do in a shower? Well… almost everything except showering. We become opened, freed and unbound in this little square of solitude (unless you’re doing the double shower thing, in than case you’re already having an awesome day and good for you + you’re conserving water… sort of). Shower stands for many splendid things – as a perfect arena to think things through, plan or recap the lessons or obligation of the day, make peace with things, calm yourself as preparation for bed, wake yourself up to face the day, or as a stage on which you’re an absolute star singing your heart out .

Shower is a sanctuary, a sacred alone time in mostly loud days filled with various demands on your time and attention and the desire to perform tasks to the best of your ability. Yet, under the gentle flow of water running over you you can suck at singing, cry out of frustration or sadness or think about things with a dumb look on your face, not burdened by seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes, desires or expectations. It’s a contemporary temporary shelter from the world and a perfect meditation space, where your thoughts and search for clarity can be enhanced by the physical affirmation of cleansing the body simultaneously. You could (and should) clear the clutter, debris and deposits of the day from the mind just as often as you do from the skin. Mental hygiene is significantly more than half of mental health.

The next time you step in to the shower don’t make it a rushed task. Make it an experience. Yoga and meditation are not practices to be left behind once you step of a mat or stand up from your cushion. They are a way to live and be in the world. Take a few minutes more if you need to, adjust the water pressure to feel like rain on the skin and stand there. Feel the things you need to process. Just stand there, quiet or talk to yourself if you need to, put on some music or don’t. Allow the things you push onto the backburner to come forth and don’t block them. If a cry comes cry, if you feel like giggling do that, if there is some sorrow, anxiety, excitement or fear feel it all. Then let go, loosen the grip on identifying with that thing, emotion or situation and let the water just take it away into the drain. You can be entirely clean no matter what is going on around you. Introduce this mindful shower as often as you see necessary. Most things are solvable by changing the approach. Those which cannot be solved will also have no use from your worry.

Take your next shower as a cleanse of the whole self, not just the physical body. You’ve done this unconsciously so many times. You know those showers after which you feel reborn? These are the ones. You already know how to do it. There is nothing to learn here. Just introduce them as a practice and not accidents this time. Wash it all away.