Regardless of your religious subscription or the lack of it, we celebrate holidays and introduce rituals through the year to give us some grounding, make us remember things we so easily forget as life charges on full steam ahead. If you were to sit down and list your most important things, unless you’re hopelessly introverted, connection, people, family, friends and love will comprise large part of the meaningfulness of your experience here, but sometimes life meddles in so much, demanding your full engagement with other thing, that people may fall back into the background… and then the lights go on, you pull out that weird reindeer sweater from the back of your closet, the trees are trimmed, there are sweet smells of spiced wine and delicious food spreading everywhere, all is sparkly and the world slows down for a bit to remind you where your heart is and what the memories in your final hour will be made of.

We give gifts not to show the depth of our wallets but to show how much we know someone. We pick things that remind us exactly of them, that were made for them, that suit their character, idiosyncrasies, interests… Don’t wait until the last day this year. Give yourself some time to make it personal and warm. A small thing with a big story and emotion is far greater gift that anything you can throw a large sum of money at. So, when contemplating about what to give your yogi friends we’d be honored if you thought of us. We poured our hearts into our workbooks and hope they bring you, or anyone you wish to gift this Christmas, joy and clarity, that they ease the process of learning and silently support your practice, strengthen the lessons, encourage you to dig deeper, live and practice fuller. Asana is just a way to get the vehicle of your consciousness in check for what follows. The real work is in what arises and the process itself.

Enjoy the Christmas preparations and support small private businesses this year. Give your money where it pours back into the community. Water what you want to see grow. Whatever you may need you can catch us at and you can find the link to all of the workbooks here. We’re happy to make you happy. Stay cool, stay kind. We <3 you.