Triskaidekaphobia. That’s the fear of the number 13. An ungrounded one it would seem, since Berlin, which started its history in the 13th century, grew into one of the most well-known, flourishing and cultured cities of the world. Contributing to science, the humanities, music, museums, higher education, government and diplomacy, amongst other things, Berlin is also a mecca for yogis. This is a place where old wisdom meets new methods an insights, as well as the home of the second chapter of the BERLIN YOGA CONFERENCE (Jun 19-21 2020).

We’re honored to have had the opportunity to participate in last year’s inaugural edition and to call the BYC founder and extraordinary teacher, ANASTASIA SHEVCHENKO, our friend and partner. Next year the BYC returns deeper, more evolved, warmer and stronger, as it brings your local and international TEACHERS, LECTURERS AND PRESENTERS for three days of immersion into a kinder way of living. You’ll be able to try out new styles and methods, learn from experts with innumerable years of combined hands-on experience, to enjoy and celebrate life and connection, dive deep into topics of your interest from the rich SCHEDULE and connect and network with likeminded individuals and institutions working towards the good of all. Depth is more important than breadth, modern and traditional are complementary forces strengthening each other through subtle nuances while still keeping an eye on important topics within the real organic community nowadays.

If you feel drawn to Berlin and this wonderful international communal effort for a better life and a better practice GET YOUR TICKETS HERE . In this special promo you can GRAB 2X3-DAY TICKETS FOR 490€ INSTEAD OF 580€ until DEC 10TH.

Beautiful things deserve support and we all deserve a break and a few days with our tribe. The world won’t stop if you do something just for yourself to fill the cup you’re pouring from. See you at the Conference.