Here and there as we progress through life and the realms of all we know, strive for and can do expand, as we walk in between order and chaotic entropy, there will be those pure clean still moments – bliss. These are times when everything was done to the best of our ability, where there will be no guilt in taking a  break and we’ll find the ultimate joy in just being, demanding nothing, expecting nothing and being grateful for every second of being alive. If you’ve set up your life so that these moments occur fairly regularly, you’re the lucky one.

Nicola Dix is one of those lucky ones, having applied the principles of yoga into creating a warm family run business – YOGA BLISS. Her business is one of those we’d so like to support and showcase as you’re roaming around for perfect gifts for friends and family this Christmas. The mall can do without you this year. Small businesses which have set up high standards for themselves and don’t care for mass production, cheap harmful materials and equally cheap labor, need responsible buyers in order to stay alive and flourish, even more so if they produce their own line of products. This is just what Yoga Bliss does. In addition to being a funnel for gorgeous yoga and mindfulness related products from all over the globe, they’ve also established their own brand called Born Peaceful and fully justify its name by implementing only the best materials and methods.

Before you buy trinkets from unknown sources  at last minute sales, go and throw an eyeball at the array Yoga Bliss goodies. May we recommend the BORN PEACEFUL HYGGE TOTE BAG – the bags that look, feel and whose name means something like “cosiness”. Made 100% from recycled canvas fabric, they were designed in England with prints that’ll warm your day and heart and were produced in India, supporting a socially responsible business venture. For all of you pyro worshipers to whom fire is a source of peace, relaxation, warmth, meditative focal point and a purifying agent, we would recommend a perfect mood maker that transforms rooms into sanctuaries and baths into a spa experience – the privately produced BORN PEACEFUL CANDLE LINE. Candles are made from a natural plant source with no petroleum based paraffin wax, animal or beeswax products. They are naturally colored and delicately scented with natural essential oils and are handmade right there in England.

Anything and everything can be done better. It just takes some time, work, dedication and a personal decision not to take the easy way out. All of these gorgeous products range from £10.00-16.00 so if you’ve been looking for beautiful thing that keeps on giving and did no harm in the process of production, here they are.

May you have blissful holidays and once more be reminded of the things that matter.