Yesterday we delved into the physical implications of standing up straight, the biochemistry and the interlocked loops of body posture, motivation and mood but today we go deeper (or higher if you decide to strictly hold the prefix “meta” to its meaning). There on this deeper/higher level, the true meaning and value of controlling your posture arises.

Things are never as they seem or are not just as they seem. An upright individual is a message to oneself and the world which cuts through the mere pragmatics of perception and natural body alignment. So what is the message? On a personal level standing up straight means you’re willing, able and awake, you’re brave, strong and ready for anything that comes. The willingness is that you confirm through the body the decision not to moan, whine and droop around because life is unfair, hard or demanding. Once you straighten up it’s a statement that you accept all that may come willingly, that you embrace the chaotic circumstance as an aware being and not by accident. Once you stand against the odds on purpose the way you react to things changes and they are no longer viewed as a problem but a challenge and an adventure, a quest to find the answers.

The upright posture with a look of resolve means you’re not naive any more, you’re not hiding and trying to minimize your form as if you were sitting in the classroom and shirking in the back row so you wouldn’t be called out to answer a question in front of everybody and risk making a mistake and being ridiculed. It means you accept mistakes as a part of the journey and are far more responsible to your own opinion of yourself now than to what others think of you. It says you’re well able to answer and step forward if needed, it means acceptance and wakeful attention to all that is going on, because you’re not afraid any more of what may come and weather or not you’ll be able to deal with it.

There is a certain magic and release in willing acceptance and courage mimicked in the posture that exposes your soft parts, because that is what standing up means. Your belly and chest are bare and free for attack meaning you’re strong enough to know you can defend yourself if necessary, which in turn means that signaling this to the world will result in less than necessity to fight than if you were crouched over and appeared an easy target. Straightening up is the same as rising up and it’s not just about you because when one of us rises all are lifted, presuming that the goal you’re going to tackle is not just for your own benefit, as a good goal should be.

Standing up straight is an awakening and release of self-imposed prisons in the face of ever present uncertainty. Standing up straight is the mark of a one who knows that he/she cannot be taken out so easily and it is equally a nod to all that has been a s a promise you’ll face anything that is to be the best you know how, without cowardice, self-pity or hiding. And this is how a life should be faced no matter what it currently serves. Stand up straight (in every way you possibly can).