Did you feel it yesterday? Something brawling, boiling below the skin, memories rushing back that you were convinced were already processed and are gone but that arose again form the body memory. Did you notice something in the night air when you sucked in a lung full? Was something uneasy? Did you feel hyperactive and like an anchor for the thought was nowhere to be found, but you also, in a strange way, enjoyed this voyage inside to the realms which are usually inaccessible in day to day life? It was the Moon, a shift occurring, and no matter if you believe in this sort of thing or not there is something to it, as the non-believer feels it to just has no way of explaining or dealing with it.

The Moon of the last night was a cleansing one, here to give relief and transition into new phases. It was the first full Moon of the decade, a lunar eclipse in Cancer and also the first full moon in January, also known as the Wolf Moon. The awakening of a primal instinctual and emotional place inside which takes over the rational of the conscious mind was to be expected.

The things you’ve processed yesterday will have an echo for months to come, they will reverberate and pop up unexpectedly shimmering as a guide just as yesterday guided you towards what area of life you have some unresolved issues in and what needs to be released to be free to continue on into the next phase. We’re all in transition all the time just as our private satellite and one single point we see now is just that, a point, a freeze frame or like you’re looking at a painting from to close up and only see a corner of smudged color that makes no sense.

Full Moon in Cancer is the one bringing back softness, the tender acceptance and release and is far more emotional than rational. It shows you the strength that cannot be measured by aptitude tests as it is innate intelligence of the body and soul, of compassion and kindness to all, including ourselves, who we so often exclude from the circle of compassion flogging our too tired bodies and minds to go on when they are begging for rest and recuperation.

These days surrounding the Full Moon are a pattern recognition period where you see more clearly and with a detached gaze. It’s the space where endings become new beginnings on the most private of levels, some of which you might not feel comfortable sharing even with your closest friends or a life partner. It acts as a flush, drainage, complete cleanse and rearranging where, if done correctly, things get resolved and you move on differently, notice that things which used to bother you don’t do so any more and that resistance you’ve felt is no longer.

Every Wolf Moon also reminds us of the strength of community and social bonds, where the whole is much greater than the sum of all the parts when disjointed and severed from others. It reminds you to howl not only for yourself but for a common message and goal. Everything we do sends ripples outwards and inwards. Everything we do matters and we’re all strong and vulnerable beyond belief. The cross section between order and chaos here is the place where life is lived right on the blade of this dichotomy. There is no worldly power that can hold someone able to release and move on. Howl!