If we sit down quietly, composed and asked ourselves a few questions, not pretending we’re judge or jury, not forcing or demanding an answer under the flags of “tough love”, not threatening or punishing, but understanding the sometimes difficult and beautiful condition of humanness and the ability of this human to grow, learn, expand and flourish through any trial or circumstance, there will be an answer.

Most of the questions we ask ourselves already have an answer, some of them we’re aware of, some of them not, some of them we’re pretending we don’t see so we wouldn’t have change once we see… Either way, the answer comes in loud and clear once we’re ready. It might have already existed as a gnawing feeling deep in the pit of your stomach, but we are so good at numbing it that we start to believe it to be the regular way to feel. It is not. You have a conscience and consciousness to serve as guides. Guilt, shame, anxiety or getting mad are not negative in themselves. They are pointers to what you find meaningful and reminders that a better decision is possible. You just have to make it and stick to it. So write down some of your own. Writing help us embed it in the psyche, motivate us and make everything far more real, makes it a promise to self rather than just a fuzzy idea we’re entertaining. So here are some of our own decisions for the week and feel free to add anything that spontaneously starts flowing forwards from you. Chances are we’ll screw some of them up but a fraction better becomes a whole lot better as the improvements accumulate.

This week we will:

  • Not feel guilty for being tired and resting, for not being perfect or falling short at something
  • Be gentle towards those who are different and listen instead of trying to impose our own opinion
  • Not lose our temper in mundane tasks because everyone we meet come into the situation with so much more on their mind than what we see unfolding
  • Manage time in such a way we don’t feel pressured, rushed or like the walls are closing in, we’ll do a triage and do it the best we can with the time and energy at hand, most fires are slow burners and we can’t tend to all at the same time
  • Eat good wholesome food, prepared from scratch as many times as the days permit
  • Not take short term solutions that are detrimental long term, we will choose the right choice, not an easy one
  • Put people and relationships before chores
  • Say “thank you”, “I’m sorry”, “I love you”, “help me”, “I understand” and ask “how are you?” more often and mean it
  • Substitute “busy” by real productivity even (and especially) if it has nothing to do with business
  • Not lie to ourselves or others on what needs to be done
  • Aim for knowledge rather than cheap thrills and procrastination
  • Forgive, not judge and move on if something feels wrong
  • Let go of the old baggage we haul around into the new week
  • Be kind and opened to all who cross our path
  • Stand up against things which are clearly wrong and do so out loud
  • Not take any more than we need
  • We will sleep knowing we tried