Everything. Everything moves and vibrates. Stillness of matter is an illusion dependent on the point of view and the sensitivity of the apparatus with which we observe. But it all dances. Our very cell processes are an intricate dance, vibration changes the shape of cells, molecules, their expression and functioning, it heals or causes disturbances which, if sustained long enough, result in malfunction, degeneration and disease.

There is a grounded belief that a lot of our disease stems from the body’s systems being out of tune, be it as a whole or on a cellular level. If you’ve ever felt anxious, frightened or were recovering from something and felt naturally drawn to some frequencies and repulsed by other, if you’ve ever felt better after walking barefoot on the ground or thought clearer after a few minutes of a well-structured classical piece -you’re already aware of the power of sound. Sound is just waves traveling through the air at a certain wavelength, exciting the medium they travels through. Sound is vibration we can sense. All of our brain function is determined by frequency which ties together all of the disparate brain functions into something coherent and whole so we are in different wave length regarding brainwave activity when we’re sleeping, fully awake and alert or meditating.

If you’re battling something or struggling try sound therapy. Sit among the singing bowls, listen to a virtuoso playing an organic instrument, listen to kind words. If this is not an option for any reason you can take a few minutes before you go to sleep, put on some headphones and explore the abundantly available frequencies online. Organic sound would be preferred with the sound waves from a singing bowl or a gong hitting your whole body directly, but even these mini solo sessions heal and advance recuperation, putting the cell vibrations in tune. The body is so attuned to music and sound that if it hears a rhythm it likes it will try to match your heart beat to it almost instantly. We match our internal song to that of the people we love and we get so connected that the electromagnetic filed and brain frequencies of lovers start to sync up and change in one can be felt in the other at once, even at a distance. We yearn to be connected in the things reverberating around us. The body wants to be a part of the Earth’s frequency and sit well within the frequency of its community and surrounding bodies. The effects can literally be felt on a conscious level and you’ve seen this at work and probably uttered the words that you’re at a same frequency with someone. This is exactly what is happening because two objects in tune will attract each other. The world around us will unfold to show us things, people and situations that vibrate on the same length, be it good or bad. Good attracts good and misery does the same.

Be very deliberate about your vibration. Avoid the shrill, tiring depleting unnecessary loudness and go to the core natural sounds as often as you can. Some noise is unavoidable, most can be reduced or eliminated and balance can be restored. Find your rhythm and your vibration. Health is a unity of all not a separation. We may not be beating a drum somewhere deep in the forest to carry messages any more but we still communicate inter and intra bodily through vibration all the time.