Have you ever been shocked to find that someone seemingly fit has diabetes? It would be quite easy to pin access fat as a risk factor or a scarlet letter but the metabolism can get out of whack by the diets we’re regularly offered and you don’t necessarily need to browse for clothes in the plus section to be affected.


So what is insulin resistance? Insulin serves a huge purpose in our body. It regulates the blood sugar to keep it at optimal levels to function properly and you need about 100mg/dl. That would be around one teaspoon of sugar in circulation, but most of us don’t even realize we’re eating about 20-30 times more. It’s hidden in “healthy” foods. Low fat almost as a rule means loaded with sugar, just check your low fat yogurts and dairy and see how much carbs in there (yes, fructose is bad as well if separated from the original fibre it came with). Why does insulin clutch so hard to its raison d’etre? Because sugar is toxic. It causes neuropathies and damages nerves in the body, deteriorates the optical nerve, causes inflammation which  leads to compromised cardio vascular function, stokes, autoimmune disease, it feeds cancer cells… It’s like throwing a napalm bomb in your body… every single day.


We get all of our energy from three things – carbohydrates,  protein and fats. If your body had to choose it’s preferred energy source which is clean and effective it would be fats (good fats from  fish, nuts, seeds, real oils such as olive oil, butter, cholesterol from egg yolks (cholesterol is not a bad guy, the only reason it is found in the arteries is because it came to the rescue to patch up a tear on a vessel and to ease inflammation, it’s there t neutralize and save you and is also a precursor to important stuff such as vitamin D,  estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and it acts as a brain antioxidant). But we go for sugar because it is quick energy that gets burned first, a doughnut will hit you with a bucket of energy far faster than  a handful of almonds, but you’ll crash and burn just as fast and need a new fix. Carbs really do act as a drug of choice and the CT brain scans of drug addicts and sugar addicts are virtually the same. The reason sugar is burned first is because the body knows it does damage and it needs to dispose of it as quick as it can. It’s a danger mode adaptation and it will push it into the cells as and in storage as fat as soon as it can. Insulin is therefore a detoxifier that runs to the rescue. Most of your body can run on ketones, the by-product of burning fat, and only 15%  of the necessary energy should  be derived from glucose – which can be derived from fat – it’s called gluconeogenesis and happens in the liver and we don’t need an external fix of readily available glucose.


So Insulin resistance is when we’re so overloaded with sugar that the cells get numb to insulin and cannot take it in any more to regulate themselves and they cannot take nutrients as well. We’re basically starving even if we don’t seem malnourished. The starving cells start craving the carbohydrates as a quick energy fix. The cells send a signal to the pancreas that they need more insulin and the average person with insulin resistance has 5-7 times more insulin than normal. Since the hormone can’t do its work the blood sugar rises despite the amount of insulin in the body. This is what overexposure to carbs and eating all day long does to the body. It was not designed to drown in sugars. If you’re always hungry, craving crabs, fell brain fog or lethargy, low levels of energy even if you’re constantly eating, have fat stored mainly as visceral fat, around the belly you may be rushing towards prediabetes or type 2 diabetes.


How to reverse it? Sleep more, stop poking the insulin pathway by fasting here and there, lower the stress levels that triggers carb craving, lower the intake of carbohydrates as much as you can. You don’t need as much as you think. The food pyramid of the west is wrong. How will you know it’s working. Your constant hunger will start to go away, you’ll start t lose weight specifically from the waist area, your blood pressure will go down and blood sugar will stabilize, there will be no dawn phenomenon ( high blood sugar as soon as you wake up), and you’ll notice a rise in energy levels and you’ll get back the feeling of being full and stop eating when you’ve had enough, the eternal hunger will go away since the nutrients are finally getting into the cells. No amount of exercise will reverse insulin resistance without a change in the eating habits. Food is 85% of it.


Depending on the damage you did to your body so far it may take anything from 3 months to a year to see the full benefits, but it is possible. Go study this more for yourself, a family member or a friend struggling and having no idea what is happening, the medical community is waking up, and so should you. Information is all around, let this be your jump of board. If you find it useful spread the word. Quality information saves lives.