The smoke rises towards the heaven as a symbol of something being sacrificed and cleansed by the flames, a burning and destruction to allow for new creation. It rises showing us the way to orient ourselves and where to aim – looking up, all the while staying grounded. But the smoke in our story here is the by-product of a flame burning inside the centre figure of YOGA IN THE BIG SMOKE, our dear friend and partner Cal Wansbrough.

More than two and a half decades have gone by since Cal and yoga found each other and became intertwined. After building a better life on a more stable base of kindness to one self and all around her, Cal  put the mission to pull others up as her main goal, sharing the vast knowledge acquired through decades of practice and teaching. A true teacher is the one who constantly lives in a mind-set and soul-set of a student, humble enough to know how much there is still to learn. 500 hour certification later, with skills in Vinyasa flow and restorative Yin, advanced anatomy and meditation this qualified Yoga Life Coach, Reiki practitioner and a PRACTISING ACUPUNCTURIST packing a degree from the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, continues on.

Everything we do matters and how we do it matters as well. Showing up as our true self in our truth matters and balancing the things that go askew due to the demands of life, stress and circumstance makes all the difference. You can find Cal all around UK teaching anatomy of these glorious machines we drive around, giving in depth detailed and YAR registered Yin Yoga TT-s and holding private and public classes to all who feel life can and should be more. The way to get there is clarity, knowledge, work and service to others through our unique skills.

We at Looxa are very grateful to have had our paths cross in this contemporary melting pot and that our Yin Workbook became a part of the 100 Hours advanced Yoga Alliance credited certification in Yin Yoga, Anatomy and Chinese Medicine. Join Cal for these 8 days to expand, grow, and open up. The first 4 days will revolve around anatomical insight and knowledge which is crucial in dealing with poses, the logic of adjustments, modifications, and variations. The following 4 days of a long weekend will be devoted to an immersion into Chinese Medicine through which a person is viewed as not just a body but a full energetic being. You will learn how to go behind the body and its symptoms and find and alleviate the cause at a deeper level. If this is exactly what you’ve been looking for you can find more information on all Cal’s trainings HERE and for all of you in Chelsea area, swing by Triyoga for a Yin Yoga Workshop – Sprig in to Spring, where we’ll be focussing on releasing the fascia and connective tissue around the hips and the shoulders, stimulating the meridian lines of the liver and gallbladder, and it’s April sister on Sunday 26th, both of which you can find more details on HERE.

Stay kind, stay cool, eat some greens and remember to breathe. We love you!