Are you just hearing or listening? If you were to lovingly tease someone who is a know-it-all you’d call them Mr./Miss smarty pants, which might in fact not be entirely wrong since the waistline of the pants goes far closer to the gut. Presuming you’ve had a life experience or two by now, you already know that knowing something by rationalizing is very different than the, often unexplainable and nonverbal, certainty or warning of knowing something in your gut. The body is so much more intelligent than we give it credit. The senses we’ve been given to experience this material realm are grossly underrated in understanding the world and grounding us in the here and now.

When faced with an escalating crisis, hard times or periods – shrink the time frame of what you can conceptualize, even if you can’t handle more than an hour or a day at a time. The brain is very good at rummaging through past experiences, making us relive them again and leaving us stuck in the past or creating projections of the future of worse case scenarios, which usually don’t happen and are not realistic. The brain is very rarely fully in the now and when it is we call this the flow state and can remember a handful of times when it happened by accident, unless… unless we work on it by consciously navigating the awareness. A problem cannot be solved by the same system that created it so, if you want to get more grounded in this trying times, forget thinking yourself back to sanity or faelings of safety and connection. Go in through the body, through the senses. This part of the feedback loop is far less loopy. Do mini mindfulness meditations through the day to relocate your whole being into the only time frame you’re not powerless in – the now. It doesn’t matter which sense you choose to go through. Some might find relief, comfort and grounding from focusing on something visual, watching the flames or the rain dripping down the window, some might respond to skin stimulation, other will benefit from focusing on the olfactory such as aromatherapy and some will respond best to using the auditory life line. Listen to the crackle, to the rustling of sheets, the kettle brewing and whistling, a piece of classical music and focus on that. Don’t just pragmatically listen but void your thoughts of any qualitative and discriminatory judgment and really hear things as they are, in that moment, never to repeat exactly the same ever again.

You may have to work on this self-soothing method for a while but you can use this unusual circumstance of the world going far more quiet and far less hectic to rearrange you priorities, remember once more what is truly important and that your own peace of mind is the starting point of productive action and choices made from the place of grace, compassion and abundance. Some resources are not finite and lessons are to be found everywhere. Nothing is permanent, and each time you wander of you have the senses to guide you back. There is no more powerful moment than now and good lives are comprised of well lived moments. Embody the wisdom and don’t miss them.