… If you eat right. Poop talk may not be the most dignified of subjects we’ve ever spoken about but expelling waste is one of the most fundamental life sustaining practices of all living things, the ultimate human equalizer as other major strokes of death, breathing and eating. So Tuesday poop talk it is.

Due to the way we eat, since we’ve become this “advanced” simple carb, over processed semblance of food munching, culture the easiest thing in the world is to just grab the convenient thing an steadily get fat while simultaneously starving yourself to illness. We then treat the illness with more microbiome destroying medication, making things worse. In a world where fizzy drinks are less expensive than water, where the labels are allowed (by law) to lie to you, where heart healthy stamps can be stuck on sugary cereal, where farm raised is just a figure of speech and your blood sugar through the day is a rolercoaster, we end up with metabolic syndrome, prediabetes or diabetes, depression, cardiovascular disease and inflammatory issues, and it has somehow become a thing “to be expected” at a certain point. So what can we do as a quick health check? Take one rule of thumb to check the general state of your health – Poop. Having a healthy gut microbiome is the first step to health. Good gut bacteria is so fundamental that even C-section delivered babies, so the ones not smeared with the mother’s gut microbiome at birth as a starter kit, have digestion problems and are more susceptible to illness and take up to 6 months longer to develop a functioning immune system.  When the gut is out of whack a cascade begins, becoming a breeding ground for all sorts of degeneration, first symptoms of which you might not even see for years, and when you do see them you’ll either ignore them, attribute them to aging or stress or you’ll just throw more gut destroying poison into the body  to fix one thing, while disturbing 10 others. In fact those who make money of drugs are counting on this cascade. They are first and foremost here to do business and to beat their competition, your health is a statistic point.

Poop can keep you away from the doctor’s office if you just payed attention. It’s so basic it’s laughable and all should be taught – if there is nothing to wipe your body is healthy and everything is working optimally. Everything that requires a dedicated wipe (or few) means that something has gone wrong and that an issue like a leaky gut, bacterial misbalance or intolerance to certain foods is there. You should see a coiled snake or a torpedo and there shouldn’t be any need to wipe excessively. No wiping your gut is healthy and your immune system is therefore up and running, robust and alert, keeping you safe and protected. It’s not something you want to stare at but do. If you feel bloated, heavy, have a period of drowsiness, mood swings or mind fog after certain foods, if you feel any pain or indigestion after eating some things, stop eating this before you cause larger problems. Try and refrain from it for a while and see what is happening. You might still crave those things but it’s just the power of habit or an overgrowth of bad bacteria in the gut which want that carb high you’ve beer regularly supplying them with. Sustained overconsumption of sugar is the surest way to disrupt the microbiome and cause mayhem. Loading yourself with simple carbs, which are basically pure sugar, is the surest way to destroy your immune system and become susceptible to viral and bacterial infections.

So rule No.1 is to mind your No.2. Tend to some dirty business here and there and employ mindful pooping. It just might save your life + you won’t need to stock up on TP. Eat well, be well, stay healthy, stay safe.