… and everywhere else. This is how this body we’ve been given works – hinging its performance and health and longevity on the quality of the food we give it. It’s not just a simple combustion, calorie is not just a calorie and it’s not just an equation of energy in, energy out. We’re all different and so is our microbiome, depending on our inherited genetics, where our ancestors lived, inbuilt weaknesses or sensitivities in some part of the GI tract, gastronomic culture, environment, what foods are available locally or imported and what we regularly do during the day.

There is no single solution, no one pharmaceutically produced thing that i universally applicable. It just doesn’t work like this and then we get bounced of form specialist to specialist trying to fix through mainstream channels something that is so individual that you’ll rarely get enough time or be asked the right questions on a regular check up to get to the bottom of it and even rarely to zero in and get an effective course of action you can follow. Fixing you gut is mostly on you… and your gut instinct. Again, this cannot be overstated – what works for some may not work for others, even if the symptoms they’re experiencing are seemingly the alike. GI tract surface area is our largest system, not our skin, it affect all of the other systems of the body and most of the things you feel are going wrong in your body are symptomatic occurrences of a gut issue or the gut issue served as a fire starter for it and is perpetuating it – if nothing else with a constant low grade inflammation. Leaky gut alone – meaning the one cell thick membrane protecting the gut is torn somewhere and is letting put partially digested food or particles of dead bacteria into the bloodstream -is responsible for an entire fan of issues amongst which are constipated airways, sensitivities to infections and viruses, enhancing food sensitivities, depression, anxiety, ADHD, acne , eczema, psoriasis, Hashimoto’s, Hypothyroidism, constipation, diarrhoea, IBS, chronic fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia… opening the door to infinite autoimmune disorders and body and mind deterioration.

The symptoms you are experiencing could vary from mild discomforts to full blown debilitating conditions. In 9 out of 10 cases they will be significantly relived or in complete remission if you fix the gut problem. These problems might have been here your whole life and the chances are greater if you’ve been born by C-section and never got the benefit of your mothers microbiome boost by passing through the birth canal. So if you’ve got a gut feeling something is wrong, even though we’re all different, there are some rules posed by Ben Warren on how to get out of your own gut’s way and let it do its thing and heal.

  1. BREATHE INTO YOUT STOMACK – diaphragmatic breathing helps activate the parasympathetic nervous system responsible for relaxation. If you’re stressed and fully on in sympatric nervous system you will not be able to digest properly and are probably carrying around some extra fat you don’t need and can’t seem to get rid of no matter how healthy your diet or how much you exercise
  2. CHEW – chew food into a liquid. Average times we chew something is… 4. The food is not properly prepared for the stomach to receive it nor fully coated in saliva, which starts the digestion so it takes longer to digest. If you scarf down everything in few minutes the satiety hormones have no time to relay to the brain the information you’re actually full. Here we tend to over eat and block up our GI system. Focus on food you’re eating, look at I, smell it, eat mindfully and slowly. We know you’re busy, but sleep and nutrition are not to be sacrificed. If you regularly have not time for those you need to make some larger lifestyle changes.
  3. LEMON AND WARM WATER – this should be your morning routine before eating anything. It jump starts the digestion and prepares the tract for receiving food. Warm water gets absorbed faster than cold and the acidity of lemon (it could be apple vinegar as well) helps prepare the stomach acid and get it to the right acidity to receive food. Sometimes acid reflux is not caused by having too strong stomach acid but too alkaline one. If the acid is too weak the pyloric valve doesn’t open to let food pass to the small intestine and it just sits in your stomach for too long, going back up, causing heart burn and reflux. The acid needs to be at a Ph of 1.5-2 for the valve to open. Test for this by a spoonful of apple vinegar when you’re having reflux or heartburn. If it makes you better it means that the acid was to weak, if it makes you worse it means you need to take something to make it more alkaline like soda bicarbonate

*** to be continued tomorrow ***