– continuation of yesterday’s post containing first three steps to improve your gut health, as laid out by Ben Warren –

4. MOVE AWAY FROM GLUTEN AND SUGAR – 70% of Caucasians are intolerant to gluten, but it’s a spectrum. Only a small percentage will have a robust reaction (celiac disease) but all individuals in trials showed at least a low grade immune response to gluten aka inflammation. Replace grains with buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth, sorghum, millet, riceā€¦ The sugar story you already know, but in includes processed grains as pasta and pastry, because they get into your bloodstream faster than sugar and cause the same damage. Good cue to some intolerances are cravings and then you soon feel worse after satiating that craving. It would be an extremely good idea to try and eliminate these foods for a while and see how you feel.

5. BROTH – one of the kindest things you can do for your body is broth. Incorporate it into your meals a few times a week or, if in recovery, consume 0.5- 1 l of broth per day. Bone broth or chicken broth with the whole chicken cooked in it will do the trick giving you valuable nutrients which cannot be gained only from consuming meat.

6. CHECK YOUR TRANSIT TIME – food should pass through you in 12 to 24 hours. You can check this by eating some beat roots or corn on the cob (bite and swallow) and watching for the bet colour or corn bits. Less than 12-24 hours the food is passing through you too fast and undigested and you’re not getting enough nutrients. More than that, you’re getting blocked and it sits in you and rots. You should pass about 30 cm of well-formed and solid (no need to wipe much) poop a day

7. FERMENTED FOODS ARE FRIENDS and act as probiotics. Often incorporate these foods: kefirs, yogurts (if you can handle dairy) sauerkraut, all sorts of fermented vegetables, pickled foods (unpasteurized), Kimchi, tempeh, sourdough breads, kombucha tea, unprocessed apple cider vinegar… If you have SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) these will make you worse, and you need to lower the intake of fermented foods first and take a bacteria killing agent before you repopulate

8. DAILY BOWEL MOVEMENTS ARE NECESSARY – if you know there is only one time of day when you can go, schedule it in so you’re not running around. Use this as a daily information on your gut health

9. EXCERCISE – belly fat, increased LDL cholesterol for men, storing fat on the hips and menstrual or hormonal imbalances are all connected to the liver. The best liver cleanse there is is exercise. As you clan your liver the toxins will go into the kidneys, which brings us to a final point

10. WATER, WATER, WATER – the key to any cleanse is not just to loosen the toxins but to flush them out of the body. If you’re 65 kilos you need 2 l, if you’re 75 2.5 l, if you’re 90 kilos, 3 l.

We encourage you to go, explore and find what fits for you to keep your fit line of defence strong or heal. Learn, educate yourself. There may be necessary test you’ll need your doctor for but there are a lot of things you can do on your own by changing daily or lifelong bad habits. Try eliminations, rotate foods and see what fits your digestive system best. Get serious about this investigation and learn how your gut works. It’s working or you and it is not a black box.