We can handle bad things if we know what they are, to what goal they are as they are and when the estimated cessation or relief may be expected. We can handle them when there is a some course of action leading us to “better”, whatever that better may be, and when we believe there is someone who knows how and can guide us through the process.

It’s far too often that some unpredictable occurrence such as illness presents itself, in our lives or the lives of those we love. Some of them might have a genetic component but far less than you’d think (only about 2%), and most of it can be prevented or relieved by lifestyle. So in a way we earn our health misfortunes for the most part by what we do or don’t do. But what when you’re not believed, when the established practice and its methods are to coarse, one dimensional, nearsighted or ready-made and generic to find the cause, Then, over time, you’re politely pronounced mad with fancy terminology that doesn’t help. What if they’ve pretty much given up on you by labels of “psychosomatic”, “idiopathic”, “you’re imagining it”, “are a hypochondriac”, “you’re bidding for attention… “ as if you don’t know what your body’s supposed to feel like and when something is wrong. It’s sometimes hard to pinpoint a thig exactly if it is not glaringly obvious. In the old days healers and shamans would spend a few days with you, live with you to see what you do on a regular basis as the body is a canvas for everything that’s going on in the mind and surroundings. It reacts to everything from what you think, feel, put in it to the black mold in your basement and electromagnetic fields you’re bombarded by each hour of every day. Your issues may be fixed by some simple and common sense intervention but you’ll usually just get medicated. This may be necessary in life threatening circumstances but most times it just means fixing one thing and disrupting 5 others. Then you’re in the rabbit hole taking drugs to counteract the damage of the first one and another to counteract the damage of the second. There is no solution to how deep the rabbit hole goes and not everything you hear from someone in a doctor’s coat is true. They’re not to blame entirely because there is simply not enough time for your doctor to infiltrate your life for a few days and keep an eye on you personally or to discuss every detail of your life for hours on end. They’re just swamped with too many patients and need to adopt a conveyer belt approach.

This is for all of you who’ve been told you’re imagining it or that the results show nothing. Tests are limited in what they can show and you know your body best. If a drug or a procedure you’ve been given is making you worse, don’t force it and seek another opinion. Go and see a holistic medicine doctor if you feel that whatever is going on is a physical manifestation of something else, get the basics of nutrition and sleep right first. Your diagnosis is not tattooed on you. It’s an interpretation of a snapshot of your body in one moment in time. Don’t let yourself be sent away thinking you’re losing your mind. Maybe you’re just barking up the wrong tree and seeking help where it can never be provided due to the closeness of the methods, mind, and rigid black and white views on what constitutes health or sickness. If it doesn’t show up in a test it doesn’t exist, right? Most conditions don’t show up until they’re well advanced and even then only the symptom is treated. So the latter part of our lives just blend into one long waiting room lounge, ricocheting from one specialist to the next, yet the body is not one isolated organ. Sometimes you will need modern medicine and its tests to see inside the body and it’s drugs may save your life, but sometimes you’ll need to stand up and speak if you feel that the treatment or diagnosis (or lack of it) is wrong. If your doctor is not listening (and you’re sure something is going on and quite sure you’re not a hypochondriac) maybe you should change your doctor, search for alternative medicine supplementation or start researching on your own and read every piece of information (anecdotal – you’d be surprised how much truth and fact floats up at the intersection of anecdotes and stories of other’s journeys – and scientific). Maybe you’ll need to figure it out. After all, there is no one as motivated as you on this entire planet to make yourself well.

Don’t be a naive customer (pharmaceutical companies don’t have patients, they have customers), don’t be complacent if you feel the treatment is wrong or not working, don’t allow your sanity to be questioned if nothing shows up immediately. Gather multiple opinions and do your research. The problem may be one of infinite complexity, but that’s just because you have no bearings and have no idea where to begin. Keep exploring and talking to people from all walks of life. You have no idea where the key to this puzzle may come from. Head up and don’t let them convince you you’re insane for feeling unwell. There is a solution waiting to be found.