There are things that shouldn’t be ignored because the death toll is too great. Generations of doctors have been taught that cancer is a disease of somatic genetic mutation and most research has gone along these lines as well. As a result we get increasing deaths per day from cancer all over the world and infective treatment based on a (already proven) wrong hypothesis.

Long enough repeated lies become truths in their own right and mold the reality. But the reality of cancer as genetic mutation is false enough to kill and, for some reason, the evidence showing that it is a metabolic disease related to faulty mitochondria is shunned. We’ve decided to present you with more findings of Dr. Thomas Seyfried, the author of the Cancer as a Metabolic Disease book. Main hypothesis  was laid out in yesterday’s post so if you need an intro to the subject here it is. Now we go in deeper. Cancer treatment today relies on so called personalized treatments, where you pay a lot of money to get your cancer cells genome mapped and hope this will help find the right medication/treatment for you. In order to get the cancer cells needed for mapping the cancer, you need to stick a needle inside and grab a sample, actually puncturing something malignant, risking faster spreading or activation. And it’s not even worth it, as Dr. Seyfried says, because searching for the defective genes won’t help one bit, because the genes in the nucleus deteriorated due to the mitochondrial degeneration that happened first so they are just a consequence of this inability of the cell to metabolize (breathe) properly. In addition, were you to separate each individual cell in one tumor, none of them have the same genetic mutation, and the only commonality in all tumors is the degenerative mitochondria, which force the cell to get energy by fermenting as a primitive source of energy. This has been demonstrated by Otto Warburg as far back as the mid-20th century. So we’ve known for 70 years and are still forcing a paradigm that is wrong and is ineffective? Research has been replicated time and time again showing that if you took a cancer cell nucleus out and put it into a healthy egg with healthy mitochondria you will not get a cancer cell or a cancer ridden organism, but if you put a nucleus form a healthy cell into an egg with faulty mitochondria you will get either a dead cell or cancer. So genes of the nucleus are not the ones in the control seat for cancer. Mitochondria are.

In a regular healthy organism and cell most of energy (89-90%)comes from oxidative phosphorylation aka breathing. Oxygen is necessary and the rest of energy comes by primitive ways such as substrate-level phosphorylation or the Kreps cycle aka how organisms were breathing before there was enough oxygen on the planet. In a cancer cell 75% of energy comes from the primitive pathways and mitochondrial Kreps cycle, which doesn’t need oxygen but ferments things. The point when you’re in danger of growing cancer is when your mitochondria get damaged and the cell respiration is compromised. This could happen from any variety of things you’re exposed to from food stuff, pesticides, herbicides, hormones, radiation, not exercising (moving the body is cancer protective as it brings more oxygen to the cells as we breathe more while moving). So if the mitochondria get damaged the cell is suffocating and needs to switch to its primitive fall back, resulting in gene mutations and degenerated tissues – cancer.

Why don’t sick cells just commit suicide when suffocating by programmed cell death called apoptosis? Because mitochondria send the signal for apoptosis, they are the off switch. If broken, they cannot tell the dysfunctional cell to die so it keeps multiplying. Seems that all of us have been touched by the pain it causes. So go and find out more about this and challenge what Is not working. What you learn may very well be something that will save someone’s life in the upcoming decades. It may even be yours.