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But what we’re here to do is to give you a look behind the curtain of the not as often talked about backstage stuff.


  1. So one frequently mentioned side effect of early keto is trouble sleeping. Your body is buzzing with levels of energy it’s not used to, as it was so stifled by carbs/sugars and their dirty friends. You’ll feel like 3AM may be a perfect time to vacuum, rearrange your closet or you’ll feel the need to move and do something physical, anything at all. If you stick to it, the far less talked about is a better quality sleep that follows. Some of you may naturally be light sleepers or night owls, but even those will sleep more relaxed, deeper and wake up feeling fresher than when they were carb loading.


  1. (Good) dietary fats are our friend and constitute a large portion of the food intake on keto, but don’t go insane and force your body to eat more fat than it needs (especially if you have a gallbladder issue). Unlike processed sugars, which you can just gorge yourself with, never really getting the full signal, fat will let you know when you’ve had enough so just stop. We’re all different and you may not need as much as someone else would or you need more. If your goal is weight loss, keep your fat intake moderate. You’ll still be in ketosis with large amounts of fat but the body will burn the dietary fat before reaching into its own reserves, as it sees them as “starvation supply kit”.


  1. Those (non-starchy) vegetables you can eat as much as you like? Well don’t, at least not in the beginning and if you’re transitioning onto keto suddenly from a high carb diet. Chances are you don’t have the gut flora to digest these new large amounts of fibre. Vary the amounts to see what suits you. If you get bloated or gassy after eating tons of vegetables, moderate the amount or change the vegetables. Maybe your gut (still) can’t handle as much cruciferous as you’d like or you can’t handle some vegetables raw but are ok with them if they are steamed.


  1. You might get some weird poop as the body switches into ketosis and adapts. It can go either way, from none at all to too much. It’ll pass as your body adapts, it happens with carnivore diets as well.


  1. Scales may not move a while. You may lose a lot at first and then just get stuck. The scales really don’t matter as much because your body is changing. A measuring tape and how you feel are far better indicators of success. If it doesn’t move for a few months then this may be the set weight your body is comfortable with or you need to introduce some changes into your keto diet.


  1. When your body deep cleans itself (especially if you do some intermittent fasting as well) your tastes in food will change. As you’re burning only real food now, some things you’ve really enjoyed before may very well become downright disgusting and you’ll begin to love the foods you’ve never thought possible. A deep fried oily snack may be replaced by mushrooms, beans, cucumbers… Who would have thought? You’ll also begin to taste the subtle nuances of food and enjoy more spices.


  1. You’ll get all pensive about how you’ve been living so far and what you’ve accomplished as the mental clarity will be of the charts. The fog will lift and make you ultra-productive (or restless if you don’t find something to do) and things will get so much easier without the energy slumps. You’ll feel more alert, awake and have a better grasp on your mood. Being a kid person who wants to help others as well you may get a little preachy trying to get all of the people you love on board as well. Preach less, do more, examples are more powerful than words.