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3. MAYBE YOU’RE FIGHTING THE WRONG DRAGON. Maybe the obstacle is inside and not outside – you’re too stubborn to change, too set in your ways to step out of the box, too fixated on something, too fearful to explore, unmotivated, maybe you have some old script running on how you imagined it will work and are not flexible enough to adapt… You’ve been alive long enough to know that most things work themselves out in strangest ways. Take it into consideration that you might be the problem. Whatever is in the way is neutral in itself. The obstacle is nothing personal, it’s just there.

4. ANGER. If you’re doing anything new anger is going to come into play – be it anger at yourself because you screwed up something you didn’t know enough about, and now you’re beating yourself up “because you could and should have known”, be it because you’ll be ridiculed, told it cannot be done or anything along those lines. Anger can be used productively as a fuel of progress. It can make you do things better and serve as motivation.

5. FIND A MEDITATIVE SPACE IN IT. Doing anything in life constitutes learning if you’ve not yet mastered it and problems are a given. Approach it as a meditation bringing you back into the moment. The larger the obstacle in the way the more shrunken the timeframe to pay attention to because you need to jump through one hoop at a time to solve the complexity of the problem that has presented itself.  What can you do right now, right here to make it a bit better?

6. DO IT WELL. Whatever it is you’re doing, try and do it the best you can. You may not get it right because things have elements and factors you’re not aware of but do it as well as you can muster. Trying, even if you miss the target, is better than not trying. There are more lessons along the way to be gained and you never know which key of the puzzle opens up a new level of understanding.

6. DON’T QUIT, EVEN IF YOU SUCK AT FIRST. And you will most likely suck at something for a considerable amount of time before you get it right. It’s ok to feel a  wide range of discouraging emotions while improving. Everyone who’s ever wanted to build or learn something is no stranger to doubt and wanting to quit. It seems it’s a vital part of any creative endeavour, the harsh scrutiny we put ourselves and what we’re creating through. We’ve all had 3AM talks about quitting with ourselves and there will be more of them. If it is important enough and eternally rewarding enough, ride through the doubt and dark hours, but keep going. The power of accumulated tiny breakthroughs over time is immense and game changing.

Keep learning, keep growing, keep jumping and pushing through obstacles. There will be no shortage of them and what a blessing it is to be constantly challenged out of stagnation. A mind-set of an eternal student is one of the most valuable things you can have and we hope you find as great joy in knowing and creating as we do. It may get hard but you’re strong.