… Especially now when we live in constant “cough/sneeze in a mile radius”  phobia.

Most of us, taken that the nature of our education or career is not in medicine, biology, genetics, biochemistry or any of the adjacent fields, know very little about viruses, about what they are, how they spread and what they aim to do. The extent of our knowledge usually stops at the macro level of what to do when a flu locks you into a bedridden snotfest for a few days or perhaps some battle with viral warts, herpes, foreign viral exposure when traveling or any other issue that could uses this mechanism to endanger our health and wellbeing. But what about the micro level?

Instead of rummaging through headlines of doom and sensationalism journalism riding the panic wave, we’ll go to a Nano place of reason and fact. It’s easier to be rational once you know your enemy than when you’re fighting an omnipotent ghost. Viruses are not omnipotent and you’re not just powerless and defenceless Petrie dish to be hijacked and used. The well taken care of the body has all it needs to fight them off and keep the fort strong. Constant fear and worry caused by clinging to the (distorted) mainstream grape wine, will actually weaken your immune system and make you more susceptible. If a thing is not constructive (or at least realistic) don’t read/listen to it. Some fact instead of fiction.

  • Viruses are not almighty. They’re not even really alive. Well they sort of are, they have the potential to be alive once they’re in the host, but without the host they’re the ones that are helpless. They may be crafty and sneaky, but exposure is by no means a disease sentence.
  • Responsibility matters a great deal because a virus has no mode of transportation. It needs you and your body to move. It needs your sneeze, your body fluid on someone else, your touch to transfer. It is not somewhere there in the ether just waiting. Every single person in a crowd makes a difference with their own behaviour adjustment.
  • They are a single strand of DNA or RNA, and the casing is like a ball with spikes that attach itself to the tissues. In the COVID-19 case the preferred tissue is lung. The virus contains genetic information but cannot copy itself outside of the body. It needs your cell, it needs to steal it’s copying mechanism in the nucleus to multiply.
  • Viruses are everywhere, the world is covered with them and most of them are harmless. Those who are not get fought off by your immune system as Gandalf screaming “You shall not pass!”. The human body has been fighting this since the beginning of time and it has so many ways of protecting you that it’s uncanny. You’re well-armed for this (if you don’t mistreat the body and just let it do its job).
  • COVID is dangerous, but if you look at the data on past viral threats, we’ve fought bigger things (11x bigger in the case of Ebola – 40.4% death rate vs. Corona’s 3.9%) as well. This is not our first fight but it’s the first tie there are so many means of mass communication.
  • The most susceptible members of our society are, as usual, older people with weakened immune system due to age, people with chronic illness (especially metabolic or cardiovascular in nature)or undergoing aggressive immune system destroying treatment such as chemo and steroids, individuals suffering from diabetes and chronic stress,  those with bad lifestyle habits such as poor nutrition… This is as it has always been for almost any disease known to man.
  • Some viruses hide and go dormant until they see a favourable opportunity such as the body being overly stressed, malnourished, sleep deprived, until the gut flora is decimated  by something as for example antibiotics.
  • They love sugar and some will enhance glucose production and create a fruitful environment for their thriving. Lay of carbs and sugar if you’re infected by any virus and focus on building up your vitamin and trace mineral supply. They are the key players to make you bulletproof here.


(tomorrow we’ll talk about susceptibility and how to minimize it)