(continuation of Friday’s post)

  1. 10:30 PM

That’s a good point to wrap the day up. It’s the body’s natural rhythm. If you burn the midnight oil you’ll probably have trouble falling asleep until 2 am when the cycle for optimal snooze repeats.



The thinking train just won’t stop; it goes out of control as the entirety of the day’s issues flood you just as you’re preparing to go to sleep. Maybe you’ll need to check in more with yourself to see how you feel during the day, are spread out too thin or just have a vitamin B1 deficiency. Get high quality nutritional yeast that should help. If you have restless leg syndrome with it, it’s B1.



You may be lacking magnesium and potassium. This can be easily fixed by some electrolytes; getting more sea salt (especially if you’ve been sweating a lot that day) and even pickle juice can help as a quick remedy.



Is your gut keeping you awake? It may be the already mentioned too fatty, protein and carb loaded dinner, it may be that you’re not processing some vegetables well (probably cruciferous) or that you have SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth) in which case vegetable fibres are most likely will bloat you.



Being stressed out, burned out and not finding ways to unwind can overload the body with stress hormones. Stretching, exercise, and acupressure can relieve this. Go out and get some open space before bed to put things into perspective. If you’re waking up spontaneously around 2AM that’s the adrenals.



Not dealing with things will keep you awake. You me have had an argument, a fight, didn’t say what you needed to… Make sure to deal with things as they come and don’t draw them out and carry¬†them into bed with you. If it is fixable fix it.



Lay of carbs, try healthy keto and do some intermittent fasting and see what it does to your Lala land time.



If you were very active when you were younger and worked out regularly just stopping will result in having excess energy that has nowhere to go. Your mitochondria are bigger and more robust; they store more energy so you need to start exercising again. You may not be able to go hard core as before but do something physical, especially in the evenings.



You may have insulin resistance aka a prediabetes state in which you’re always thirsty and have to pee often. Intermittence and Keto will help reverse your metabolism. Women may be in menopause and lose a lot of oestrogen. To compensate progesterone goes done and you may have the need to pee more often due to a sensor in the ladder that reacts to sex hormones. If this is the case progesterone creme may help. Men may have an enlarged prostate, making them pee more often, and the best thing to do is to lay off all dairy products for a while.