What do we do in this life? We tell, listen to and create stories. We are story tellers and our primary mission in this brief carnal existence is to surpass just our bodily form and learn and develop talents and skills we have been blessed with.

No one exists as just a monomer, alone or detached from beauty and knowledge surrounding him, but we achieve our full purpose by becoming a part of the whole, sharing what we have been given and becoming just one thread in the tapestry of society and humanity that built it.

Not so long ago one of the fore mentioned stories started under the name Looxa as a platform to utilize creative potential and raise good and helpful tools from an idea into their manifestation in material form. Ideas can change lives and shape futures, so we decided to provide essential products for those who wish to take the journey of yoga practicing. All of our products are created based on our own experience and are born out of pragmatic necessity for their existence. We aim to produce functional pragmatic tools which would allow for grater immersion into the real purpose of yoga practicing. We are on a mission to better your learning process.

Products are simple, unadorned and straight forward, purified to suit their function without unnecessary distractions and are conceived with the utmost respect for Mother Nature and eco-friendly. No progress should ever take sustainability as a hostage or dismiss it as collateral damage.

It is our great hope you will enjoy using the products and that they will raise the quality of your experience, whether you are a yogi or just delving into your first tries of Surya Namaskars. In the manner in which the practice of yoga takes the individual approach, we too wish to show our respect for all stages of study, making it just as easy for a newcomer as a master.