… and any skill can be developed – if, and only if you’re willing to work on it and invest time and energy. Courageous and confident people have not been given a gift from somewhere out there, some esoteric present they were blessed with. It took a lot of inner work to get to this place where they are now.

It’s silly to say to someone “don’t be afraid”… fear is never real, it is a paper dragon, an illusion of the mind that rarely has basis in reality, but to the person experiencing it spits fire all the same, no matter in what percentage it is their own creation. This custom made panic will appear from time to time, you cannot prevent it from surfacing, but you can choose your reaction to it and learn to silence your mind by action. By closing the gap of knowing what you need to do and the action itself. Fear is your brain pulling a dirty trick in order to stop you from experiencing anything potentially dangerous, uncomfortable or energy consuming. The good news is that being afraid is the first prerequisite for courage to be gained – to be afraid and do it anyway.

The more you learn to control the mind chatter trying to talk you out of it the more you develop a bias towards action, you’ll learn to trick the default wiring of the brain to transform fear into confidence – the confidence that you don’t need to be perfect, fearless, have all the answers or feel like it to do something, to start and try, to change a situation, to take up something difficult and see it through. None of us are anointed, we’ve all worked for it – it’s a skill! Work on it alone and together, ask those you admire of their path, how they dealt with doubt and insecurity and learn from their story. You’ll not change your life by thinking about it because the activation energy of motivation is not enough to keep you going, you’ll change by constant consistent action. Don’t hide the fear – once you call out the daemon’s name it has no more power over you. Be honest with yourself – What are you afraid of and why and how are you gonna “do it anyway”?