Your body is an elaborate highway and network of blood vessels spanning 60 000 miles. stretched out encircle the earth twice.

Angiogenesis is the process by which our bodies grow blood vessels. The vessels of life and superheroes, bringing oxygen and nutrients to every cell are the smallest ones – capillaries and they are very adaptable, growing in different patterns within different tissues to maximize their function. You’ll get most of you body’s vessels in the womb and women can grow new ones in the uterus each month or to forma placenta during pregnancy. They also adapt to an injury, sending blood flow to repair the damaged area so you would get more blood vessels developing under a scab or a scar. The body can manipulate their growth and force them to grow and spread if repairs are necessary by proteins called angiogenic factors. When the extra blood vessels are no longer needed our energy efficient body prunes them back down to the baseline, and for the areas that are underdeveloped it can release the protein and achieve a normal balance, it cannot go beyond.

But a whole array of 70+ diseases arise when angiogenesis is out of balance, when body can’t form enough capillaries or cant prune down to baseline and they start growing uncontrollably. The mosta dangerous on the disease is cancer – every single type of cancer. As Dr. William Li, devoted to angiogenesis studies says, we all develop micro tumors all the time, small clumps of cells 0.5 cubic millimeters in size but cannot grow any further in a healthy body chemistry because they have no blood supply. Most of the time our body takes care of these tumors or they just sit there harmless if angiogenesis is working properly. Judah Folkman called these tiny tumors “Cancer without disease” and most of them will forever remain dormant. The ability of our body to regulate angiogenesis is one of our best inbuilt defenses against cancer, and problems start when this balance gets out of whack and the more blood vessels the tumor gets the more of the angiogenic factor it lets out to get more vessels and grow faster. The same blood vessels that feed it also become the pathway through which metastases get into other tissues.

So Dr. Li and his team are working on a new therapy in which they specifically cut of the blood supply to the cancer targeting the new formed blood vessels that are, in comparison to a normal vessel, already degenerated, brittle and poorly constructed and they are highly vulnerable to treatment. But it can go further. The nature has already given us all we need to have a highly functional healthy body and you can eat to starve cancer because there are foods that naturally regulate angiogenesis. If you’re guessing plants, you guessed right. We’ll introduce the list as a second volume of this info tomorrow. Until then, eat more plants, stay cool, stay kind.