*** For the intro, describing what insulin resistance is, please visit yesterday’s Vol.1 post while today we go deeper into the physiology of fasting and type 2 diabetes

Every time we eat insulin rises. Insulin is a fat storage agent that manages raised blood sugar from food by storing the excess as fat and it blocks lipolysis – the using of body’s own fat reserves. We can’t store and burn fat at the same time. If you’re fasting the process goes like this: You first use up the available energy from food you’ve eaten, after about 12 hours you go and take the glycogen stored in the liver and deplete that around 24 hours into the fast. After that you enter a phase where for a while a body switches to burning protein before it goes into the fat storage. The protein you burn will not come from muscle tissue because you have a lot of faulty unnecessary protein just hanging around in the form of old connective tissue, loose skin and whatnot. This is the autophagy phase where your body destroys all of the useless protein and uses it as fuel – which is the reason why people who lost weight by intermitted fasting have far less loose skin. The body used all of that leftover connective tissue up to power itself. Autophagy is also able to destroy the proteins such as plack in blood vessels or on neurons which lead to onset of Alzheimer’s. Limiting calories leaves loose skin because if you’re eating all the time, no matter how little calories you eat blood sugar and insulin remain high and you never switch to burning the body’s reserves of fat and leftover protein laying around.

Limiting calories while eating too often decreases your metabolic rate, while fasting increases it. As insulin goes down in the fast the sympathetic nervous system comes on line, pumps you with adrenaline and noradrenaline, growth hormone and cortisol which all speed up the metabolic rate to push the glycogen out of the liver and use it for energy. Your body will clean itself out and the abundance of growth hormone which goes up to 5 fold will allow you to rebuild all of the faulty structures anew once you start eating. You build 4 times more lean muscle mass with intermitted fasting. People who are fasting are not feeling sluggish and lightheaded. They are highly energetic, with enhanced mental clarity, alert and in tune with themselves as the body is doing what it was designed to do. Presuming you’re not borderline anorexic your body is so rich with potential energy stored in fat – a pound of fat provides 35 000 calories so you have plenty to work with. If you decide to calorie restrict with fasting that’s all right. Metabolic rate will not slow down because your hormones are working with proper sensitivity and the extra calories your body is used to burning will come from your own fat so you’ll still lose weight.

If you want to implement fasting to just boost your general health or loose a few pounds that’s fine but the area overlaps with type 2 debates like mad. Body builders actually take insulin when they need to bulk up fast. Why would you give more insulin to someone who is type 2 diabetic then when the extra insulin will make them store more fat, and your goal is for them to lose weight and manage their blood sugar. The extra insulin clears the excess blood sugar but doen’t get rid of it. It masks the symptom of a metabolic issue by just pushing a whole bunch it into the organs – the kidneys, liver, eyes or extremities. It just sits there piling on the more insulin you give to a diabetic. Then diabetics also get advised that the way to regulate their blood sugar is to eat more frequently. So the opposite of what should be done. Eating all the time keeps their own insulin high all the time since the blood sugar doesn’t get a chance to drop and normalize. Diabetics don’t have too little insulin, they have enough, but the receptors can’t feel it any more due to the constant spiked blood sugar and insulin overflow and they are insulin resistant. And then we give them more insulin and end up with cutting of limbs, putting them on dialysis because their kidneys have gone to hell, them going blind or having a heart attack from the constant sugar caused inflammation in the blood vessels. The treatment of type 2 diabetes today just masks the symptoms until a larger issue occurs. Stop eating for a while and regulate your blood sugar by mechanisms already in place. The body knows what to do because this disease is a result of a long-term lifestyle malfunction. There is nothing wrong with the body but the way we treat it.

After implementing fasting people get of their insulin and metformin in a matter of weeks. It works. But there is no money in not doing something right? Fasting doesn’t require you to buy anything. It’s a removing of something and not adding more. Diabetes or no diabetes, fast here and there. Every culture in the world implemented fasts seasonally, be it for health purposes, in search for mental clarity, visions or perched on religious dogma, but they did it for a reason and understood the benefits. The body evolved to make use of all it stored and to switch between the times of saving fat and burning it. You will not be starving all the time. After a few hours the ghrelin hormone that makes you hungry goes down and you feel as if you’ve eaten – because you did, you ate out of your body’s reserves. Please spread this information to the diabetics in your families and communities and go and listen to what Dr. Jason Fung has to say for more detailed explanations on how any why. Just as elegance, the solution is usually in going back to basics.