Wouldn’t it just be a dream to keep going? How much more we could achieve if we didn’t need to sleep and replenish, how much more would get done and what a fine fantasy this is? But to get the dream you need to go into dreamland – Regularly, deeply and for a sufficient amount of time for your body type. You may not be big on sleeping or love the soft warmness and want to stay there forever; you may be a morning chirper or a night owl. We’re different in nuances but the need to rest is universal to any system, biological or not. You’ll need to clean and restart your computer from time to time as well.

So if you’re not sleeping well there are a few things to look into, as presented by DR. Eric Berg. Some reasons are fairly obvious, others less so.


Coffee and tea both contain caffeine and chocolate is also a stimulant which might interfere with a blissful night of Z-s. You don’t need to stop consuming these things as they do have benefits to the body. It’s a timing thing (as most things in life are) so just keep the consumption in the first part of the day.



If you tend to go for records in the gym and beat up your body on a daily basis, it might not have enough time to recover. Hard core workouts count as stress for the body (a bit is good as heresies – a bit of a bad thing makes you stronger – teaches us). If you lie down and can hear your heart pounding in your ears, your heart rate is still up because you don’t allow for enough recovery time. Go easy on yourself for a while and see if it fixes your sleep issue.



Living in the most exciting time in history is a blessing, but as coins are double sided. There is a good chance you’ll need your computer for some segment of your work, but if you’re spending most of your day staring at screens, the artificial light messes up your circadian rhythm. Keep from screens all together for an hour before bed; go take a walk in the evening, read a book or journal instead of watching the news or playing angry birds.



It may very well be that your body pH is too acidic. Are you consuming a lot of apple cider vinegar or kombucha tea later in the day, are you eating too much protein and not enough vegetables? Or it may be that you’re deficient in Potassium – nature’s very own nervous system tranquilizer that will bring you back down to normal rate. Loading the body with too many refined carbs and sugar will deplete potassium out of the body. Eat a dinner consisting of small amounts of high quality protein and a large salad. Keep most of your fats in the previous meals as a high fat meal irritates the gallbladder.That should replenish your minerals and prepare your body for a blissful slumber.


  1. EMF

Electromagnetic frequencies. It’s not possible to sleep in a Faraday cage but it’s possible to minimise the impact of ever-present electromagnetic fields from devices beeping and buzzing around you. Keep your phone away from your head, get an ordinary old school alarm clock instead of an electrical one, and keep the TV and computer outside of your bedroom…


  1. LIGHT

There is research confirming that the source of light the size of a coin will interfere with melatonin production and disrupt sleep. Dim the lights as you’re preparing to go to sleep and turn them completely off when going to bed. This includes all the devices in the room that may have glowing buttons when on standby. Get some blackout curtains if you have an annoying street light or flashing signs in front of your bedroom window.



When we’re stressed, anxious, worried we breathe differently, in a shallow fast pace, where the exhale is shorter than the inhale. Breathe yourself to sleep by elongating the inhale and exhale and balancing their length, Focus on inhaling and exhaling for about 5 seconds each. It does wonder in switching your brain from fight or flight into rest and recovery, and the body follows.



Your heart is on the left side and liver on the right. Many of us are walking around with fatty liver not knowing it and sleeping on the left may be compressing the heart causing discomfort sleeping.

(many more to come on Monday)