As long as we’re above the dirt land dwellers no matter how dirty, gritty, half or entirely buried we get by life and hells of our own doing or as a result of an outside circumstance, we’re not really buried. We’re planted as a seed would be.  A tiny lonely seed alone cannot do much without being stressed by planting. It will not sustain the one who eats it very long either. Its energy is not that great, but the dormant potential within it is huge and it can grow into a magnificent plant which continues to give fruit long after. But first there is darkness and solitude below the earth, stagnant in the cold dirty place growing so slowly that it is unnoticeable to the naked eye without the help of a long long time-lapse video.


So if you’ve ever felt buried in an avalanche of demands, alone and stagnant, if you’re feeling this now in any area of life, don’t worry. It’s temporary, it will pass. You’ve been put into this transitional area to grow, you’ve been planted. Being “buried” is a sort of a magic act we do and a form of sensory deprivation chamber experience, because once you’re alone and have no distractions, when you just sit there and think about it, necessity comes to push you to sprout out, to break the weight of the ground upon you millimetre by millimetre. Sometimes it is excruciatingly slow to the point where it seems like you’re not moving at all. Yet, something inside is moving, you’re rearranging, the potential energy will in time turn into kinetic energy and you will move back out into the sunlight. It seems like stagnation because you’re just be collecting the energy from the surrounding and the elements to generate the huge force needed to break the shell before sprouting and then you’re on your way, head turned towards the sky. You would not yell at a buried seed because it’s taking too long to sprout. You’d be patient and continue on nurturing it. Why don’t we allow ourselves the same time?


The circumstance we’re at now and the way we view it now is not necessarily the truth and is certainly not the whole truth or even a permanent one at that. What we see and how we see it will mutate and change as we do and something which seems difficult now  and feels like you’re done for and covered by dirt will be rewritten at a later date as a lesson or a proud badge of that time you won against all odds. Every new challenge activates new potential for development even turning on new genes in your DNA and none of us really know what we’re capable of until we try. You’ll very rarely choose difficulty over comfort of your own accord so life will come along with challenges of its own to jump start your evolution. Some of these challenges might be because you made a wrong decision somewhere, you just didn’t know better or were willingly blind, but for the most part these detours from the path are valuable periods of development, not the final goodbye. If you can think and act you’re not buried, you’re planted and you will grow through it. You owe no explanation regarding the speed of your own process.