If cancer has touched you in any way you need to read this and we strongly encourage you to investigate further into the research of Dr. Thomas Seyfried, who is devoting his career to finding another approach to a cure.

Yes there is a cure; yes it works; yes, even for stage 4. We will go further into this in subsequent posts, but now we’ll just introduce you to the premise and it’s differences to the (highly ineffective) treatments we have as the “only option” today. There are other (better) ways. We tend to find what we’re looking for, but what if most of the cancer research up to now has been looking in the wrong place, fiddling with the genetic mutations that occur in cancer cells. BTW the amount of mutations is in millions so good luck finding the right cluster. Even if, by some stroke of luck, you get the right ones, the side effects are almost as bad as the cancer itself, killing the good together with the bad. Genetic mutations are not the cause here, but the symptoms of an already damaged metabolic system and the treatments now are like setting of dynamite in your garden because of one weed. Well the weed may go away, but you’ll have a trench where a garden stood once.

If we ignore the box we’ve been keeping cancer in so far, and just look at the data a new solution emerges – cancer is thoroughly metabolic disease and it can be cured by resetting the broken metabolism. Furthermore, it can be done with no side effects (besides some blows to your lifestyle) and by not destroying the body. We can prime it to employ its own cancer fighting abilities enhancing all body systems along the way. There is a smarter and a more efficient way of fighting this thing.

Cancer pretty much lives on glucose and relies on it as a fuel source. It takes the glucose and turns it into a compound, which it then ferments. Fermenting is a primitive source of producing energy and cancer cells do so because there is some deficiency in their mitochondria so they can’t get energy the normal way. So what this basically means is: no glucose = no food for the cancer. You can literally starve them and fix your metabolism by switching from burning sugar to burning fat, since the body loves to work on a cleaner fuel source of ketones and cancer cannot live on it. How do you switch your body? Fasting – which triggers mitochondrial repair and maintains healthy mitochondria into old age. They can get damaged by all sorts of things (a very small percentage is hereditary), chemicals, inflammation, radiation, viruses (guess what makes you more susceptible to inflammation and viruses? Glucose, high blood sugar, large amounts of processed sugars and carbs…).

So the research keeps compiling, in animal and human models, which are cementing the notion of a best cancer cure there is. It is s as simple and non-profit-generating as longer fasting periods intermittent with a healthy keto plan (keeping in mind that the amounts of fat should be tailored as it depends how well your body can tolerate the increased fat intake) and loaded with nature’s own cancer fighting helpers (turmeric, ginger, garlic, green tea…) and loads of cruciferous vegetables that boost your immune system). If a terrifying diagnosis finds a way into your life, it’s far from over. The body can self-repair.