These are layers upon layers of highly structured deception in the real. You’re just supposed to gobble it up and are basically messing the perfectly served lie if you try and make sense of it. It is not supposed to make sense. It’s supposed to keep you distracted so you never catch on and put the pieces together, as you would give a kid something shiny or colourful to amuse itself with so that you could do something important. (Accurate) information is power. A stream of meaningless information is just busy work so that nothing really ever gets done, a smoke and mirror action while the magician pulls a trick while your attention is elsewhere.

A mathematician, economist, physicist and a managing director of Thiele Capital investment firm, Eric Weinstein, who we’ve mentioned yesterday, coined the term GIN – “Gated Institutional Narrative” – meaning how large institutions hermetically seal and protect themselves from outsiders. This could be applied to large media conglomerates, politics, academia, fields of research… anything you can think of that is sufficiently large and has a big enough agenda that it needs to construct a bulletproof narrative which it just keeps repeating, covering its ears to anything coming from the outside. Those who publically refuse to go along and buy it will be put in a narrative that discredits them, or if they do publically subscribe to accepting the consensus they’ll get a different narrative pushing them forward within the structure. Obvious truths don’t need a consensus, but more fuzzy ones are likely to spur infinite points of view that somehow get to the consensus. Consensus is usually reached by incentivising everybody who thinks differently than the prescribed narrative and Weinstein used a great analogy – “Plata o plomo” – silver or lead, a Columbian Spanish phrase meaning you’ll take the bribe and do what is asked or die (a professional/political/credibility/opportunity death in this new context). So groupthink emerges and new ideas are blocked from entering. You may not be thrown into a jail cell to rot if you don’t agree with the main narrative, but you’ll be discredited,  characterized with specific language and set phrases that should already tell the public what they should think of you and what side you’re on and whose side they should be on.

So things get staged to look like reality when in fact they are scripted. Mr. Weinstein compared this to a professional wrestling phrase Kayfab where rehearsed staged performances are presented to the audience as real genuine fights. The outcomes and moves have already been decided when the thing begins, but you get an experience to be amused by. It’s a multi-layered deception, where even breaking of the 4th wall with the audience, something that is seemingly unscripted and real, is also just a part of the script, aka anomaly is directed into the event as it was truly anomalous. In his opinion, dangerous and/or boring things need to be presented as fake reality and build cascades of lies around it to keep it safe for those on the inside to continue on with what they’re doing and to make the end product interesting and engaging for the audience. Because that is what you are to the media, government and corporations – audience, attention providers and customers. They need you to buy what they’re selling for the lie to continue, and since we like to look at drama and confrontation as a species, the more twists and turns until something happens the more engaged we become. Most of it is fluff that has nothing whatsoever to do with what is finally scripted to happen.

Some things are a real battle, but it happens behind the curtain. The real battle is not two political opponents debating, but a TV network trying to outdo another network and get higher ratings, more sponsorship… The real battle of political candidates is not in what they say but in how much air time they get to get their persona out there. Keep your eyes and ears open, not all you see has significance in the real. Think for yourself and peek behind the curtain. Don’t be incentivized out of what you really think by trinkets. Refuse to conform if the agreed upon conclusion feels wrong. Be the “jerk” we spoke of yesterday.