For the intro on the topic please visit the posts of the past two days ( CANCER AS A METABOLIC DISEASE and it’s vol.2). This is part three of summarizing the research of Dr. Thomas Siegfried, author of the book “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease”.

We come to metastasis and the proclivity of cancer to spread to other organs and tissues. As we’ve learnt so far, a cancer cell is a cell gone rogue by switching from a normal metabolic process of using oxygen to getting most of its energy into using a more primitive way of getting fuel by fermentation, due to the faulty mitochondria. How do metastases happen? If there is a cluster of tumour cells our body knows something’s gone wrong and it gets a danger signal, which is the same as would be if you had a gaping wound. The immune cells rush to the place to heal the damaged tissue and produce growth factor and cytokines to heal and repair the wound. But these things are stimulatory to the tumour cells that have lost their growth regulation due to switching to fermentation metabolism, so the red blood cells are making things worse. The cytoplasm of the red cells gets mixed up with the one from the tumour cells and the immune cells themselves shift to fermentation instead of using oxygen. The immune cell is already programmed to move in and out of the blood stream and needs no help here, so it can easily be transported to any other organ or tissue of the body with now damaged respiration and new anaerobic metabolism. This is how you get metastasis.

The solution to stopping metastasis as well as the growth of a cancer is the same. Remove fermentable fuels from the body aka glucose and glutamine. Stop eating for a while, go full on into calorie restricted keto so your body runs on ketones and not glucose. It works far better than the toxic therapies out there now. Ketone bodies cannot be fermented and mitochondrial biogenesis (production of new healthy mitochondria) is enhanced. There is a reason why fasting and/or calorie restricted diets are a common practice among yogis and people from all the old cultures in the world. They lead to a healthier and longer life with more mental clarity and emotional self-regulation. There is just less waste to deal with if you’re not gorging yourself all the time and fasting intelligently or doing clean keto (vs. dirty keto, which we’ll cover soon) is not starving and depleting the body of vital minerals and nutrients. It is a switch to burning fat instead of sugar from food, and it is much more natural to us than the grain and carb filled diets we have now, which coincide with the modern day increase of cancer. It’s clear from the research that cancer is not a genetic disease but that of a damaged mitochondria metabolism. When mitochondria (the body’s power plants) are damaged it forces the cells to find alternate sources of energy, simultaneously losing their ability to govern growth and multiplication. But calories restriction and keto therapies work as an anti-angiogenic (not allowing creation of new excessive blood vessels for the tumour to latch onto), anti-inflammatory and pro-apoptotic (enhancing the programed death of damaged cells; mitochondria give the “die” signal).

The standard procedure(here the example is glioblastoma multiforme, an invasive fast growing brain tumour) is to cut the cancer out (if possible) and then blast the patient with radiation and chemo. The wound and radiation increase the amounts of glutamine, radiation causes oedema and inflammation and then patients get a high dose of steroids to counter the inflammation. Why do people get fat when taking steroids? Because they create hyperglycaemia, meaning an excess of blood sugar. So the standard treatment actually creates a perfect environment for creating a new cancer.

There is a completely new approach to curing cancer, with much higher success rate and non-toxic to the healthy cells and we’ll go into this tomorrow. Until then rethink the standard advice or at least keep an open mind that there is a better way and urge anyone fighting this to explore and find out more before making their decisions. This thing is beatable, and we’ve known for a while now, silence is getting more dangerous every day.