What started as a postpartum depression search for clarity, peace and balance and an empty attic space of a family home transformed into one of the first Brussels yoga studios, the home of yogis from all over the world. Today it is known, recognized and loved under the name Brussels Yoga Loft.

The axis of this story is Barbara who, after the birth of her third child, embarked on a 200 Hrs TT with Larry Schultz in faraway San Francisco. The TT finished and Barbara retuned to Brussels in search for a place to practice regularly, but there were none. As it usually goes, if people with a mission can’t find what the need – they create it. So in 2007 the attic of hers and Marc’s home became the zygote of a studio which held only one class a week for likeminded small community and has since grown to over 70 various classes, mostly focused on Ashtanga and Vinyasa. The goal remained unchanged – since everybody and every-body are different they aim to teach the student, not just the asana. All of us carry our own histories and idiosyncrasies in the body and mind alike and the key is to find what feels right, not only looks good.

The Brussels Yoga Loft now nestles in the heart of the bustling Woluwe St-Lambert & Chatelain and refrains from being a fitness centre concerned mostly about its own profit. It’s something very different, a true close-knit community which grows together through a range of interests, enjoying a warm, friendly, serene and relaxed yogic environment. Nothing is forced, you’re not just a number on your membership card but a person, an individual and your teacher really knows you, and not just by name. As the original space started to grow there was a rule in place that there will be no mass classes and the size will be kept under 25. The teachers want to spend some one-on-one time with each student and be able to walk between the mats to adjust, assist, encourage and answer any questions or even give a mini massage. You can also just come and mingle as tea is served before and after a class and, believe us, you’ll want to hear the stories of the cosmopolite melting pot of your classmates that the winding road of life led to Brussels from all sorts of backgrounds. Whatever you need, Barbara and Marc are always there to hear you out and help when you need them. It’s a place of love stemming from two which become an extended family you choose for yourself. It’s a place to get grounded again when the noise of life becomes overwhelming.

It is with great honour we present you this story of a studio embodying the true Yoga through all they do and the wonderful partnership and friendship with Looxa Workbooks, which started in 2016 and continues to this day. If the path ever brings you to the streets of Brussels you know where to go to find your tribe. We’re also happy to announce there will be more information coming around the 11th anniversary of gorgeous deep TT’s in the Loft and an interview with Barbara as well. Until then go, visit the channels, explore, find something for yourself and be joyful because happy places are real.

To see what’s it all about, get more information on the 200hr TT and hear some student feed back jump to the video HERE.






Stay kind, stay opened, eat some greens and we love you.