Were you to ask an infinite number of people what is home, you’d get an equally infinite number of different answer but there seems to be one correlation-love.

Homes are never made of bricks and walls and the picket fences are highly optional. Home is place, physical or not, where you go back to the last stabile point and plant yourself once again so you could grow. This is what Homeplace Belgrade stands for – an opened welcoming inclusive space for development of mind and spirit, for personal growth through therapy, yoga and meditation through group and individual approach alike. Homeplace came to be through the effort and dedication of  two wonderful women, teachers to the core and amazing human beings who aim to leave their mark by easing the suffering of others and serving as lighthouses guiding others  through their personal experiences and private evolutions.

One of them is Marija Miličević, a Spanish teacher and a professor of Spanish literature, but when she’s at home(place) she’s a teacher of another sort, leading Flow yoga, Yin yoga and yoga for children. Her colleague and co-founder is Jelena Marković, a psychologist, Somatic Experiencing & Trauma Healing therapist and Holistic counsellor and a founder and director of The centre for Joyfulness and Development.

The archetype of the wise old man and the child at the end amount to the same, as the proud arrogance of youth makes way for life we realize that we’re never done with learning and growth, and life is more as a constellation and a zig zag pattern striving towards a direction than a straight line. On this path we’ll need new, skills, tools and methods because there is no stagnation. I all dances and he way to go is to dance with it, learn, adapt, expand, contract when you need to, to be and feel and educate your whole person – body, mind and spirit. If done with grace, compassion, understanding and love, we get a chance to see and come to the end of this path as the best versions of ourselves.

Homeplace Belgrade is filled with great humans following their calling and is a beautiful tight knit community offering  Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha and essential yoga classes, Somatic Experiencing Trainings, Yin Yoga TT’s and Transformational Breath work, Osho meditations and yoga for your little ones. Marija and Jelena hold the backbone of Homeplace straight so you can hold your head up high proud of your growth and loving determination to thrive.

Feel free to explore more about Homeplace on the links below and remember to stay cool, stay kind and eat some greens. We love you.