Three previous parts are here: vol.1, vol.2, vol.3. Now we go into the conclusion of Dr. Thomas Siegfried’s research – creating an applicable viable solution and a procedure which saves lives, and actually works.

Three groups of mice with cancer were involved in a trial. One group followed the usual high carb diets, one of them was in calorie restriction and keto and one of them in calorie restriction and keto + added substance to stop glutamine metabolism. What happened was that the trial was cut short since the mice on high carb diets have begun to succumb to the cancer. Upon exception it was determined that cancer cells were raging in the first high carb group, that the growth stopped or severely slowed down in the keto and calories restricted group, but some of the cells were still alive, and the final group with glutamine antagonist (6-Diazo-5-oxo-L-norleucine called DON) had virtually no living tumour cells any more.

A therapy for humans was developed following the same guidelines called a Press-Pulse therapy which approaches cancer from the metabolic management point of view. The issue is that the “Standard of care” doesn’t allow for cancer patients to be treated without radiation and/or chemo, unless a physician is willing to lose his licence and although the current treatment kills more people than it saves. Dr. Siegfried calls the treatment of cancer today one of the greatest tragedies of medicine. Something is clearly wrong and it just keeps being repeated.  The Press Pulse first goes into the metabolism beforehand, getting the patient into therapeutic ketosis which slows down the growth (sometimes this is necessary to do a few days of water fast first, because the metabolism is so damaged). This stops the metastasis and shrinks the tumours and changes their morphology. Glucose in the blood is lower, but as cancer patients are stressed beyond belief expecting the worst, they’re also put through stress management by doing meditation, yoga, exercise, music therapy… because chronic long term stress floods the body with cortisol (which also spikes blood sugar significantly even if you’re not eating it, feeding the tumour). After this, pulses of glutamine inhibitors are applied and the patients are put into hyperbaric chambers – which kill the tumour cells just as radiation does with zero damage to the body in therapeutic ketosis. This should suffice to manage the cancer or completely destroy it, yet the standard of care is unavoidable and at this point the team was forced to do chemo and radiation, resulting in creating oedema in the patient’s brain (often happens with radiating the brain). But he’s still alive and this was the most aggressive cancer there is which pretty much has 100% mortality rate with standard care.

So in short, Press-Pulse first takes care of the metabolism and general wellbeing, then gets the body into long term therapeutic ketosis which is calorie restriction combined with a healthy keto plan, then glutamine inhibitors come in as to not give cancer any fuel whatsoever as you glide along on the clean ketones in the body (they cannot be fermented as glucose and glutamine can and are used as energy by  the cancer). So you starve the sucker and then go into a hyperbaric chamber and kill the cells, not touching the healthy tissue. So this is happening, it is possible and it is Dr. Siegfried’s great wish for this to become the new standard of care in the near future. If you haven’t been touched by cancer in any way, you’re one of the lucky ones. Things can be done better and with far less collateral damage. It is important and we urge you to research this more, share with those struggling and at least give them the information that there are more options. For more details, please read the past three parts in which we’ve tried to lay out the basics of this paradigm shift. We hope it helps someone make a better choice, be it curing or prevention.