It was December of 2014. The winter held its grip on the charming intertwined labyrinth of
Amsterdam streets and channels when something beautiful was born – YogaFest International
(  ).
By annulling the distinction of time and space of a human experience, they operate under two simple
mantras igniting their cause: “Here is now”, and the kindest short rule for a good life: “Practice, Be
and Connect!”. We did exactly that, creating a tangent of two stories – that of Looxa and this
Netherlands yoga gem.  While the workbooks supported the students from 2016, October of 2017
unfolded in a wonderful autumn crisp colors by YogaFest hosting the 1st International Yoga
Conference – “Ashtanga As It Is”. Gathering respected teachers guests from all nooks and crannies of
the globe, they spent 4 days in deep exploration of Ashtanga practice, and we’re deeply honored to
have been able to contribute.
They continue on with equal passion and zest, writing new passages in the core aim of connecting
the yoga community, spreading the benefits of yoga, wisdom, meditation and a gentler holistic
approach to life by taking into consideration the whole person – the body, mind and soul alike. A
large team of dedicated teachers, coaches and therapists devote their time to transforming the
world, equating their jobs with their life mission, justifying the “international” appendix by viewing
the community as a non-local thing and echoing their goals worldwide in accordance. Unfolding from
this center Sept of 2018 bloomed with the first YFI Ashtanga Yoga Retreat on a stunning Greece
island led by Laruga Glaser and Dany Sa. Teachers for the second retreat will be announced come
2019, and there are already divine plans in motion for 2020.
Are you just looking for a new class, to develop your practice further, to learn about anatomy or a
skill in ethical business conduct? Maybe feeling all burnt out with life or dealing with trauma, sadness
or loss? This is a place to sweat it out, bend yourself back into shape, recover, heal, learn, advance,
resolve, free yourself, grow and in their own words -“Practice, Be and Connect!”.